Telephone Compatibility with the Shomer-Tec Telephone Voice Transformer

Telephone%20Compatibility%20with%20the%20Shomer%2DTec%20Telephone%20Voice%20Transformer Cellular Telephone Compatibility
There are hundreds of cell phones on the market and not all cell phones have the same headset/microphone functionality. The Shomer-Tec Telephone Voice Transformer is compatible with most cell phones that utilize a 4-position 3.5mm jack, such as iPhone® and Android® devices. It was tested on and compatibility confirmed with the iPhone 4®, iPhone 4S®, iPhone 5®, iPhone 5S®, iPhone 6®, iPhone 6Plus®, and several Android® phones including the Samsung Galaxy S3® and S4®. The number of other compatible models is too extensive to list individually. It is compatible with cell phones which use a connection type for headphones with a microphone configured in TRRS (tip, ring, ring, sleeve) format. However, even this configuration has 2 types.  Compatibility is based on phones that use TRRS with a pinout of Left Audio, Right Audio, Ground, Microphone. Consult your cell phone specifications or supplier to determine compatibility. 
Standard Telephone Compatibility
Compatibility is limited to standard single-line desk telephones connected to a standard telephone company single line telephone jack. If the telephone has a speakerphone option, that option will not be usable while this device is connected. It is not compatible with cordless telephones or dial-in-handset telephones.

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