SHIN%2DKICKER This unique device installs on your regular duty boot and is always at the ready. During a fight, both your arms will be engaged, but your leg likely will be free. A sharp kick to your attacker's shin will cause instant excruciating pain, pausing the attack and allowing the officer an opportunity to cuff and take into custody.  

The Shin-Kicker installs in less than 30 seconds in any standard law enforcement boot ("lace-to-toe" styles are best though). It seats easily between the laces and tongue, and once installed it can remain indefinitely. It's always "loaded" and ready to use the moment required. This device utilizes an instinctive action - a kick, something you don't have to remember how to operate while under intense stress. The difference between a regular kick and one with the Shin-Kicker is profound. Its 3 short yawara protrusions serve as force multipliers, delivering instant, devastating pain.  

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Made of one-piece construction high-impact plastic. Use in compliance with your agency's use-of-force policy. Color: black. Size:  1.2" x 2.5" x 0.9". Weight: 0.5 oz. Made in USA. Sold in individual units. 

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