PENDANT%20SAFE The new Pendant Safe provides a way to discreetly carry or store small valuables with a lower profile and higher security. Its hidden compartment is large enough to hold several microSD memory cards, a $100 bill, etc. It's manufactured from a real half dollar coin. With its polished brass housing, it has a simple but classy look. Designed to be nice looking, but not too attention-getting. Looking like just a 50-cent coin minimizes the interest of a burglar or mugger.

The unique design of the Pendant Safe offers a much larger storage capacity than the Covert Coins, having almost 5 times the storage space as the half-dollar version. The opening procedure takes just a couple seconds and no separate tool is required. Compartment size: 1.13" diameter x .11" depth, providing a volume of .11 cubic inches.  Includes neck chain, which can easily be replaced with your favorite chain if desired. Made in USA.

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