ACCESS%20CARD The Access Card is a discreet new professional lockpick set that's always available when needed. Its extremely low-profile design allows it to be hidden amongst the credit cards in your wallet. In fact, at a mere .016" thick, it's even thinner than your credit card. 

Manufactured from stainless steel, the Access Card features a feeler pick, ball pick, diamond pick, hybrid feeler/diamond pick, and a tension wrench which also doubles as a handcuff shim pick. Each tool can be snapped off the matrix as required. Since once removed they cannot be reattached, design features enable detached components to be fastened to a keyring or even be sewn into clothing for future deployments. 

Color: copper.  Includes black carry sleeve.  Size:  2.10" x  3.36".  Thickness:  0.016".  Weight: .345 oz.  Ultra-thin, ultra-light, and ultra-concealable- it could be the most useful card in your wallet.  Note: This is a restricted sale item; you must agree to the Terms of Agreement for Ordering Locksmithing Equipment when ordering.

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